What does your “Employer Brand” say about you?


…It says something that’s for sure and it’s good to know what that is.

Running a business has its challenges but one that builds up in the background is an increasing inability to get hold of the right talent to grow your organisation. If you’re in a tight market (and who isn’t?) then there’s a good chance that there are impressions of your business out there that you might not be aware of. For me it means just this, are you taking care of what the employees and candidates past, present and future think about you?  

Here’s how it works for candidates:

Candidate A gets a call to attend an interview with company X – Candidate A is pleased.

Candidate A is unsuccessful but isn’t contacted and given this news or any feedback – Candidate A is displeased.

Candidate A tells Candidate B that they’ve just had a bad experience with company X. Candidate B listens.

Company X calls candidate B to arrange an interview, candidate B refuses the offer of an interview.

Candidate B tells Candidate C…and so on and so forth.

Company X has a negative employer brand and struggles to hire.

Who manages this and how they manage it is crucial if you don’t want to shrink your hiring pool and it should be part and parcel of your recruitment process. If it’s not, it’s going to be tough to build your business in the long run.  

Kleboe Jardine are Employer Brand Guardians for Roslin CT, Fios Genomics, Arrayjet, PowerPhotonics, Optoscribe, Mirador Analytics and Optos amongst many others.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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