Is your culture fit?


Touchy feely, culture stuff does my head in. I’m not interested in how much fun you have in work or how many friends you’ve made there. I’m not keen to know that the company you work for has a punch bag, a bowl of fruit and an on-site bar (though come to think of it…). I don’t want to hear that this is a great place to work because everyone’s just so nice. What I want to know is: Does your culture make your business highly effective or does it hold it back? Are you productive or just hard working?

In highly rated research on Managed workplace cultures, the evidence suggests that if you don’t manage your culture you are on average missing out on a 30% premium on everything you do. Buying / selling / creating / managing / rewarding / retaining / recruiting. In today’s market where competitive advantage is increasingly fleeting from a product or service point of view, having a high-performance culture is more important than ever. Short term gains are hard to sustain when bigger, richer competitors take your business on but if your culture is great, you’ll be streets ahead when they get to where you are now. Your customers also want to know that you’re a good place to be, if they don’t care who they do business with, maybe it’s time to take stock?         

The most successful companies all have great cultures because if they don’t they’re gone…and a great culture doesn’t mean an easy going/foot off the gas one. It means one that delivers for every stakeholder in the business as much of the time as possible…and not everyone’s going to like it. When you get it right, discretionary effort is what you get in return and the value in that is massive.    

So, how do you measure your culture’s success when every business has a unique one?

  • What does your business stand for?
  • Culture - Where is it now? Where do you want it to be?  
  • Who sets and exemplifies your culture? (good and bad)
  • What values and behaviours are rewarded? (good and bad)
  • What processes, procedures and systems (PPS) support these values and behaviours?

Then, how do you change it for the better?

  • Make your business stand for something
  • Know what you want your culture to look like and map the route to it.
  • Reward the values and behaviours you want and ensure your PPS align
  • Dig into what makes the values drive the behaviours in those that do what’s right and recruit to that template.

People who are wrong for your business will leave it because they aren’t rewarded. People who are right for your business will stay because they are.   

If you want to know how to unlock all that value and create a high-performance culture, call us and set a meeting. Simple as that.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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