How can I recognise the right culture fit when I’m being interviewed for a role?

Office Culture

Culture fit? What’s that all about? You know you can do the work and you’ve got skills in abundance on offer but what about the rest?

So, you’re about to be interviewed and judged on whether you’ve got skills and the personality to fill the job. How will you know if the company will work for you? If you don’t do a bit of due diligence you could end up blowing a couple of prime years of your career.

Asking questions is a key way of determining a company’s culture other than online research with Glassdoor and LinkedIn and it’s going to be central to your decision making when you get an offer.

What questions would you ask to find out if the company’s a fit for you? Well, before we get to that, ask yourself what it is that you need?

  • What do you really believe in? Engineering excellence? Customer service? Making people feel good about themselves or technical challenge, problem-solving, cerebral involvement in some of life’s greatest challenges?
  • Are you someone who thrives in a busy, social open office or do you need peace and quiet to get the job done?
  • Are you ambitious? What does that look like for you? Have you got a plan?

When you know yourself, you’ll know what questions to ask.

Is your culture fit?


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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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