Here’s why candidates are done applying


If you’re in the market for talent then there’s a very rapid change afoot you need to be aware of. Candidates have stopped applying for jobs! How about that huh? The tap that has slowed to a drip over the last few years has just squeaked shut and it’s not going to open anytime soon.

The good news is they’re still out there. The bad news is they’re going to take some huge effort to attract, so where do we start? 

Start with this: You’re not Google, Facebook or Apple

You’ve not got money to burn.

So, you’re not going to attract people just by dint of existing.

The reason they’ve stopped applying? They don’t need to. They get approached and they have their pick of roles put in front of them. At every professional level.

So now, you need to identify them. Put a very compelling story together to grab their attention and take some mind space. Court them and treat them with impeccable professionalism – and do it quickly. Follow through on every contact, your reputation is on the line.

The tools are available but it’s not an easy process to automate and you need to be very careful when you do. Spam is spam and everyone can spot it.

In short: Make sure your role’s attractive to the right people, target them personally and treat them brilliantly. In the so called “war for talent” the shoe is on the other foot and mass approach is finished. 

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Saturday, 25 September 2021

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