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Aaaargh – What can I do about counter offers??? Ah yes, the agony of a hard-won candidate being successfully counter offered elsewhere. It’s a personal hell that everyone in the recruitment supply chain will experience…
How many of your company hires are considered successful after 18 months? According to an article in Inc. published in September 2018 only 1 in 5 hires are considered successful after 18 months in post.…
Some employee turnover is natural, and often beneficial. It can bring fresh ideas, diversity, and new skills relevant to your evolving organisation. However, high turnover rates are often indicative of low employee satisfaction. Managing turnover rate…

What our clients say about us

Having worked with Kleboe Jardine over the last few years to recruit a number of senior roles within our life science business, I have found Ewan and the team really fantastic to work with. They are very responsive and have taken the time to work closely with us to understand our business, enabling them to find just the right candidates both to fit our technical needs and our organisational culture. They provide an excellent, straight forward, honest, friendly yet professional service. A real breath of fresh air!

Janet Downie CEO - Roslin CT

The personal service and background work performed by the Kleboe Jardine team prior to our meetings provided a smooth and helpful relationship. Ewan and Natalie are very personable and a joy to work with, making the often difficult process of recruitment much easier, which is much appreciated

Kirsty Burns Finance and Business Systems Director - Borders Biscuits

With the help of Kleboe Jardine we had a 100% success rate finding people with the right skills, capabilities and ethos,particularly in recruiting key members of our executive team. Their market knowledge and experience have meant we filled positions quickly, cost effectively and most importantly, we’ve developed relationship with them over the years where they understand and can find individuals who will compliment with our culture and values.

Allan Everington Managing Director - Dacoll Group Ltd.

Kleboe Jardine did a great job of pro-actively putting together a summary of relevant skills and sending them out to us - I liked that Kleboe Jardine setup a face-to-face meeting with us so that they could learn about our business and accurately portray what working at Plexus would be like. Given the success of this placement, I’d definitely go back to Kleboe Jardine with future recruitment needs.

Douglas McGregor Digital Functional Manager / Project Manager - Plexus
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Kleboe Jardine are proud supporters of The Yard Edinburgh